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Nature Magazines

Bring nature into your classroom with a subscription to these magazines!

Grade K $5.95

Let's Find Out

Get students excited about reading and learning with simple, fun nonfiction that brings your seasonal themes to life! Every issue expands knowledge with curriculum-connected topics and builds reading skills with activities on concepts of print, sight words, phonics, and more! Subscriptions include BIG Issues, posters, and online resources like videos, games, and Text-to-Speech audio. Kindergarten, Weekly.

PreK–K $5.95

Let's Find Out (Spanish)

Help ELL students make the smooth transition to English with a magazine that covers your thematic units in their native language. English language learners won't fall behind other students with Let's Find Out Spanish Edition's skill-building exercises and simple repetitive text on the science and the social studies topics you cover throughout the year. Subscriptions (10 or more copies) include BIG Issues, Teacher's Guides, and complete online resources. PreK–Kindergarten, Weekly.

Grade 1 $5.95

Scholastic News Ed. 1

Every week, our first-grade magazine helps you build reading skills and increase science and social studies knowledge with engaging informational texts, complete lesson plans, and online resources like videos, Text-to-Speech audio, Spanish translations, games, and more. Grade 1, Weekly.

Grade 2 $5.95

Scholastic News Ed. 2

Build the reading skills and content-area knowledge second graders need most with on-level nonfiction, ready-to-go lesson plans and online resources like videos, Text-to-Speech audio, Spanish translations, games, and more. Grade 2, Weekly.

Grades 3–6 $7.49


Captures the excitement of life, earth, and physical sciences

Grades 6–10 $9.49

Science World

Captivating science news that supports NGSS and STEM education

Grades K–1 $0.99

Science Spin Gr. K–1

Just 99¢ with a Let's Find Out or Scholastic News Gr. 1 subscription

Grade 2 $0.99

Science Spin Gr. 2

Just 99¢ with a Scholastic News Gr. 2 subscription

Grades 3–6 $0.99

Science Spin Gr. 3–6

Just 99¢ with a Scholastic News Gr. 3–6 subscription