Our health magazine collection provides your students with the tools they need to be healthy and make good decisions in their daily lives.

PreS–PreK $5.50

My Big World

Early Learning

Simple seasonal nonfiction and fun school-readiness activities

Grade K $5.75

Let's Find Out

Early Learning

Fun nonfiction on seasonal science and social studies themes

PreK–K $5.75

Let's Find Out (Spanish)

English-Language Learner

Helps ELLs make a smooth transition to English

Grade 1 $5.75

Scholastic News Ed. 1


Short nonfiction on the seasonal themes you need to teach

Grade 2 $5.75

Scholastic News Ed. 2


Curriculum-connected nonfiction just for grade two

Grades 7–12 $9.49



The latest on teen health as well as social and emotional learning