Scholastic News for Grade 1
Grade 1 Scholastic News 1

Short nonfiction on the seasonal themes you need to teach

  • 32 issues for each student
  • Print and digital resources
  • Robust online archive

$6.25 per student

Bring the World into Your Classroom

Inspire a love of reading and learning with the weekly reader just for Grade 1. All year long, you get lively, knowledge-building content on your science, social studies, and social development topics!

Turn Exciting Nonfiction Texts into Extraordinary Lessons 

It’s already done for you! Every issue is a ready-to-go teaching kit for joyful early-learning lessons. Enhance instruction with these multimedia teaching tools.

  • Get Time-Saving Teacher Support

    Optimize planning and teaching with step-by-step lesson plans and more. All this support means implementation is easy!

  • Try a Free Digital Sample

    Read stories. Watch videos. Play a game. And more! Give it a try in the classroom, too.

  • Meet Your Academic Standards

    Raise student achievement by aligning lessons to instructional goals. With built-in correlations to state and national standards, as well as the Science of Reading, you'll stay on track all year.

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  • Align Our Topics to Your Instruction

    Get the right materials at the right time sent right to you. Look at our 2024–25 calendar. Your curriculum, our content—it's the perfect match!

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    Get complimentary print samples, a live online demo, or a quote. Just ask—we'll be right with you!

  • Build Essential Skills

    Empower every child to succeed through motivating skills practice leading to grade-level mastery. With activity pages, writing prompts, and more, develop skills including:

    • Reading Comprehension

    • Vocabulary

    • Foundational Skills

    • Language Development

    • Social Studies

    • Science

Support Spanish-Speaking Students

Nurture your English language learners with Spanish editions online. Access our listen-and-read texts, background and dance videos, and skills activities in Spanish. That way, everyone's included!  

Real Teachers. Real Success.

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