Chez Nous
Level 4 Chez Nous

Advances high-level French students to near-native fluency

  • 5 issues per student
  • Print and digital resources
  • Robust online archive

$8.75 per student

Immerse Students in the French Language

Bring a teen-friendly perspective to language learning with the French resource crafted to create near-native fluency. Fun stories about teen life, traditions, and pop culture raise engagement all year long.

Turn Amazing Texts into Extraordinary Lessons 

It’s already done for you! Ready-to-go teaching kits come with every story for instant, high-interest lessons. Check out our comprehensive suite of multimedia teaching tools that elevate instruction.

  • Exciting Texts

    Share age-appropriate French stories at the perfect level on any device.

  • Real-World Videos

    Model conversation by introducing young native speakers.

  • Audio Articles

    Improve fluency and accent with read-aloud stories and vocabulary reviews.

  • Fun Skills Activities

    Build proficiency with worksheets and quizzes paired to supporting media.

  • Get Time-Saving Teacher Support

    Optimize planning and teaching with step-by-step lesson plans, a Resource Bank, and more. All this support makes implementation easy!

  • Try a Free Digital Sample

    Explore the magazine for yourself and give the digital version a try in your classroom.

  • Meet Your Academic Standards

    Align instruction to ACTFL's World-Readiness Standards for learning languages and nurture students toward greater language proficiency.

  • Align Our Topics to Your Instruction

    Get the right materials at the right time sent right to you. Look at our 2024–25 calendar. Your curriculum, our content—it's the perfect match!

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    Get complimentary print samples, a live online demo, or a quote. Just ask—we'll be right with you!

  • Build Essential Skills

    Help every student succeed through motivating skills practice with skills sheets, writing prompts, and more, as they develop the 5 C's:

    • Communication

    • Connections

    • Comparisons

    • Culture

    • Community