Allons-y !
Level 1 Allons-y !

An immersive and accessible introduction to French

  • 5 issues per student
  • Print and digital resources
  • Robust online archive

$8.75 per student

Immerse Students in the French Language

Bring a teen-friendly perspective to language learning with the most relevant and exciting French resource for beginners. Fun stories about teen life, traditions, and pop culture abroad raise engagement and proficiency.

Turn Amazing Stories into Extraordinary Lessons 

It’s already done for you! Ready-to-go teaching kits come with every story for instant, high-interest lessons. Check out our comprehensive suite of multimedia teaching tools that elevate instruction.

  • Exciting Texts

    Share age-appropriate French stories at the perfect level on any device.

  • Real-World Videos

    Model conversation by introducing young native speakers.

  • Audio Articles

    Improve fluency and accent with read-aloud stories and vocabulary reviews.

  • Fun Skills Activities

    Build proficiency with worksheets and quizzes paired to supporting media.

  • Get Time-Saving Teacher Support

    Optimize planning and teaching with step-by-step lesson plans, a Resource Bank, and more. All this support makes implementation easy!

  • Try a Free Digital Sample

    Explore the magazine for yourself and give the digital version a try in your classroom. 

  • Meet Your Academic Standards

    Align instruction to ACTFL's World-Readiness Standards for learning languages and nurture students toward greater language proficiency.

  • Align Our Topics to Your Instruction

    Get the right materials at the right time sent right to you. Look at our 2024–25 calendar. Your curriculum, our content—it's the perfect match!

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  • Build Essential Skills

    Help every student succeed through motivating skills practice with skills sheets, writing prompts, and more, as they develop the 5 C's:

    • Communication

    • Connections

    • Comparisons

    • Culture

    • Community