My Big World
PRES–PREK My Big World

Simple seasonal nonfiction and fun school-readiness activities

  • 18 issues for each student
  • Print and digital resources
  • Robust online archive

$5.75 per student

Open a World of Wonder and Discovery

Bring joy to learning in preschool with fun, knowledge-building texts on your seasonal science, social studies, and social development themes. We support and delight your beginning readers!

Turn Nonfiction Texts into Lively PreK Lessons

It’s already done for you! Every themed issue is a ready-to-go teaching kit for joyful PreK lessons. Enhance instruction with these multimedia teaching tools.

  • Giant-Sized BIG Issues

    Gather students for circle time and read from these enlarged big book versions of the student magazines.

  • Exciting Videos

    Grow knowledge with real-world videos and fun get-the-wiggles-out dance break videos.

  • Interactive Games

    Reinforce foundational skills with easy-to-play review games.

  • Simple Skill Activities

    Build key skills like letters, counting, patterns, and shapes.

  • Get Time-Saving Teacher Support

    Make the most of full- or half-day programs with hands-on activities, easy-to-do lesson plans, family engagement tools, and more.

  • Try a Free Digital Sample

    Read stories. Watch videos. Play a game. And more! Give it a try in the classroom.

  • Meet Your Academic Standards

    Raise student achievement by aligning lessons to instructional goals. With built-in correlations to state and national standards, as well as a Science of Reading alignment, you'll stay on track all year.

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  • Align Our Topics to Your Instruction

    Get the right materials at the right time sent right to you. Just look at our 2024–25 calendar. Your curriculum, our content—it’s the perfect match!

  • Contact Sales

    Get complimentary print samples, a live online demo, or a quote. Just ask—we'll be right with you!

  • Build Essential Skills

    Prepare preschoolers for success in kindergarten and beyond. With activity pages, fun learning games, and more, develop skills including:

    • Language Development

    • Reading Comprehension

    • Social and Emotional Learning

    • Science

    • Social Studies

    • Math

Real Teachers. Real Success.

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