Celebrate Women's History Month with this free collection of nonfiction dedicated to amazing trailblazing women who inspire every reader.

Reach for the Stars

Read Mae Jemison’s journey to becoming an astronaut.

Mae Jemison’s story for grade 1.

Mae Jemison’s story for grade 2.

Grades: 1-2

Source: Scholastic News

Included Teaching Resources: background-knowledge building video,  vocabulary slideshow, and online game.

Better Brain Tech

Learn how engineering graduate Arnelle Etienne invented a medical device for Black patients.

Grades: 3-6

Source: SuperScience


History Makers: RBG

Empower your students with the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg's powerful story about how she fought to make sure women had the same rights as men.

Grade: 4

Source: Scholastic News

Included Teaching Resources: Close-reading questions.

Changing the Game

Empower your students and read about tennis star Serena Williams and other female athletes who are leading the fight for equality in sports.

Grade: 6-8

Source: Junior Scholastic

Included Teaching Resources: Videos, skills sheets, slide decks and more!

Hunting for Fossils

Explore key ideas and details with a narrative nonfiction story about Mary Anning, the 12-year-old girl who helped discover the world of dinosaurs!

Grade: 6-8

Source: Scholastic Scope

Included Teaching Resources: Video, audio, and a lesson plan.

Eco-Fashion Designer

Introduce your students to Maya Penn, a passionate designer who channeled her creativity by repurposing old items into something totally new and started her own fashion brand.

Grades: 6–10

Source: Science World

Included Teaching Resources: Interview video with Maya, background-knowledge building video on the fashion industry, and skill sheets.

High Reaching Explorer 

Meet Kathy Sullivan, a history-making astronaut and deep-sea diver. Share her inspiring story with your striving readers with this story from Scholastic Action

Grades: 6‒12 (Reading level 3‒5)

Source: Scholastic Action

Included Teaching Resources: Text feature skill sheets, vocabulary, NASA video, and a quiz.

Overlooked No More

Meet five women who are finally getting the recognition they deserve. 

Grades: 9‒12

Source: The New York Times Upfront

Included Teaching Resources: Lesson extension to continue the learning journey. 

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