Bring engaging Earth Day content to your students in class or at home with Scholastic Magazines+. Our blended learning solutions for grades PreK‒12 provide you with rich teaching resources, differentiated learning tools for every learner and social-emotional learning embedded into each story. Reserve your subscription for 2021-21 now!

Recycling Lesson for Kindergarten

Let's Find Out: K

Your early learners will follow the journey of a plastic bottle after it is recycled, including an up-close look inside recycling centers with our background knowledge-building video. Plus, they’ll get a hands-on activity using recycled materials to create a cute DIY planter for Earth Day.

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Upcycling Organic Materials Lesson

SuperScience: Grades 3‒6

Explore how artist Raku Inoue upcycles plant parts to create sculptures with an interview in SuperScience magazine. Extend the lesson with resources like videos, skill sheets and an interactive slide deck for students.

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Land and Animal Conservation Lesson

Scholastic Scope: Grades 6‒8

Learn about the history of the buffalo in America and how Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux tribes are working to restore the buffalo to tribal lands. Teaching resources include an interactice slide deck lesson, a podcast and an author read-aloud.

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Math & Environmentalism Lesson

Scholastic MATH: Grades 6‒9

Show your students that math is everywhere. With data analysis on African lions, size comparisons, this special Earth Day issue is packed with engaging articles, videos, skills sheets and lesson plans.

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Art and Nature Lesson

Scholastic Art: Grades 7‒12

With an entire issue dedicated to Earth Day, your students will explore how art and nature come together as one. From articles about animal prints to landscape art from classic and contemporary artists, this issue also contains differentiation tools, comprehension quizzes, vocabulary and videos.  

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