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Google Classroom Support

Learn how to best use your school's technology with your Mary Glasgow supscriptions.


You and your students can sign in using their school’s own Google Classroom accounts.


Step 1. Register your account.

Go to and click “Google Classroom” to register with your school’s Google account. Enter or select the Google account you use with your school.

Step 2. Accept security permissions.

Select “Allow” to allow Scholastic to view your classes, class rosters, and related email accounts. These are only required to allow students to log in using their school’s Google accounts.

How to grant Google Classroom permissions through email login.

Step 3. Enter your access code.

Your Mary Glasgow subscription comes with an access code to activate your account online. (This code can be found on the cover of your Teacher’s Guide throughout the school year.) Type your access code here.

How to input access code to activate Scholastic resources.

Step 4. Import your classes.

Select “Import My Classes” to seamlessly import your class roster from Google Classroom. Follow instructions to select specific classes and grades, and click "Import."

How import Scholastic resources in Google Classroom.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Your students now have access to your Mary Glasgow title! You and your students can use your school’s own Google credentials to access your product's website in the future—simply click “Google Classroom” to log in.

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Roster Changes

Has your class changed since you integrated with Google Classroom? No problem!


It's easy to import another class, resync a class if a student joins your Google Classroom list, or manage student access to specific products:


1. After you've updated your class list in Google Classroom, log into your product website.

2. Select "My Dashboard."

3. Click "Manage Access."

4. Click "Import a Class" to add a new class, or "Resync Class" to update an existing roster.

Antioch Middle School student test.

Have a Co-Teacher?

Each co-teacher can separately follow the steps above to:

1. Register on the Scholastic website, using their own Google Classroom account

2. Import your shared class(es) from Google Classroom

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