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Fascinating Stories Across the Genres

Storyworks magazines have everything you need to build language arts skills! Each title instantly captivates students with thrilling texts, multiple genres, and dazzling digital features.

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Storyworks 1

NEW! Watch your budding readers bloom with delightful stories across text types, content areas and reading-levels!  Coming in Sept 2022, the magic and excitement of Storyworks® will be available for 1st grade and advanced K classrooms! Engage your youngest learners while they practice foundational reading skills the fun way.  Delivered monthly.

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Storyworks 2

Nurture your growing readers with the only ELA magazine created just for grade two. Every issue gets students excited to read with multi-genre stories and powerful digital teaching tools that meet each reader where they are and take them where they need to go. Delivered monthly.

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Storyworks 3

Turn your growing readers into fluent readers with the exciting multigenre language arts magazine made for grade 3! Every issue features thrilling nonfiction, fiction, read-aloud plays, quizzes, skills sheets, and more to help third graders go from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.” Delivered monthly.

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Inspire and empower your students with fascinating, authentic stories across the genres. Our powerful teaching and differentiation tools enable teachers to transform our unique stories into unforgettable learning journeys. Delivered monthly.