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Magazines to Teach STEM

Supplement your STEM curriculum with real-world math and science articles and problems.

Grades 3–6 $7.49


Captures the excitement of life, earth, and physical sciences

Grades 6–10 $9.49

Science World

Captivating science news that supports NGSS and STEM education

Grades 3–5 $6.99


Real-world connections that make math fun for everyone

Grades 6–9 $8.49

Scholastic MATH

Motivating real-world math and skill-building practice problems

Grades 7–12 $8.99

Scholastic Art

Brings classic and contemporary art to life

Grades K–1 $0.99

Science Spin Gr. K–1

Just 99¢ with a Let's Find Out or Scholastic News Gr. 1 subscription

Grade 2 $0.99

Science Spin Gr. 2

Just 99¢ with a Scholastic News Gr. 2 subscription

Grades 3–6 $0.99

Science Spin Gr. 3–6

Just 99¢ with a Scholastic News Gr. 3–6 subscription