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Did you know Storyworks is now available for all your elementary school readers?

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With Magazines+, you get fresh, high-interest content delivered all year long—in print, online, or both. Every single story, video, and activity is designed to hook your students and keep them engaged. And because Magazines+ complements your curriculum, it’s easy to implement during any part of the school day!

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A Student’s Guide to the World

Maximize student engagement with real-world content that reflects diverse experiences, identities and abilities.

Literacy Across the Grades and Content Areas

Build knowledge and skills in any content area with 30+ magazines for Grades PreK–12. We’ve got engaging titles for ELA, STEAM, and everything in between!

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Science of Reading Aligned Instruction

Build knowledge and big vocabularies while developing reading strategies from phonics to fluency.

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Differentiation for Acceleration

Meet State and National Standards

We’re here to help you meet state and national standards. With time-saving lesson plans, skills sheets, and formative assessments, we do the prep work for you!

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Scholastic News key national standards. Scholastic News key national standards.

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