Grades 3–6


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DynaMath magazine uses high-interest, real-world math to build the skills your students need most. Each article features motivating practice problems (40+ per issue) that reward correct solutions with fascinating facts about the topics covered in the magazine. Go online for even more practice problems (50 more per issue), exciting background and direct instruction videos, review games, digital issues, and many other engaging and educational resources. Grades 3–6, Monthly.

Scholastic MATH<sup>®</sup>

Scholastic MATH®

Grades 6–9


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Scholastic MATH magazine makes math meaningful and engaging by connecting essential concepts to real-world subjects, like current events, science, and everyday experiences. With over 50 practice problems in every issue, there are also plenty of opportunities to reinforce skills and assess student progress. In addition, MATH supports Common Core Standards and comes with online resources, including videos, math games, and printable skills sheets. Grades 6–9, Biweekly.

Must-Know Math® Workbooks

Must-Know Math Workbooks

Grades 1–6


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Must-Know Math workbooks are packed with high-interest activities that help students master key math concepts for grades 1–6.