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Magazines for Second Grade

Get children excited to read and learn with irresistible nonfiction titles for grade 2. 

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Scholastic News 2

Build the reading skills and content-area knowledge second graders need most with on-level nonfiction, ready-to-go lesson plans and online resources like videos, Text-to-Speech audio, Spanish translations, games, and more. Grade 2, Weekly.

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Storyworks 2

Nurture your growing readers with the only ELA magazine created just for grade two. Every issue gets students excited to read with multi-genre stories and powerful digital teaching tools that meet each reader where they are and take them where they need to go. Delivered monthly.

Grade 2 $0.99

Science Spin 2

Science Spin for Grade 2 is ONLY AVAILABLE AS AN ADD-ON to Scholastic News Grade 2 subscriptions. Each month this supplementary magazine brings colorful, real-world science and the latest science news into your class.