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Magazines for Fifth Grade

Get children excited to read and learn with irresistible nonfiction titles for grade 5. 

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Scholastic News 5/6

Use current events to build language arts skills and content-area knowledge. Made just for students in grades 5 and 6,Scholastic News features high-interest informational texts, standards-based lesson plans, and online features like videos, games, Text-to-Speech, multiple reading levels, and more. New! Spanish translations available.

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Capture the wonder of scientific discovery with SuperSciencemagazine! Every issue makes curriculum-connected life, earth, and physical science concepts relevant and engaging with articles on scientific innovations too new for textbooks! Go online for incredible science videos, alternate reading levels, and skills sheets that help you meet NGSS and ELA standards! Grades 3–6, Monthly.

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Motivate your math learners with exciting real-world connections! Read captivating math-related nonfiction and solve over 40 related practice problems in each issue (with 50 more online!). To help you meet standards, problems build conceptual understanding and reinforce multiple problem-solving strategies. Get even more great resources on our website, like videos, games, and skills sheets. Grades 3–5, Monthly.

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Transform your language arts lessons with Storyworks, the thrilling multigenre magazine that builds essential ELA skills! Every issue features compelling and complex texts in a wide range of genres, from narrative nonfiction to fiction to drama. Rigorous activities and online resources (like videos and alternate reading levels) support every text to build the skills your students need most! Grades 4-6, Monthly.

Grades 3-6 $0.99

Science Spin 3-6

Science Spin for Grades 3–6 is ONLY AVAILABLE AS AN ADD-ON to Scholastic News Grades 3, 4, or 5/6 subscriptions. Each month this supplement brings colorful, real-world science and the latest science news into your class.