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Get Remote Learners MORE Motivated and MORE Engaged

No matter what next year looks like, you can count on Scholastic Classroom Magazines for engaging nonfiction resources that you can use anytime, anywhere and on any device.  Our print + digital solutions are easy to implement and perfect for remote learning, hybrid classrooms and anything in between.

What Are Scholastic Magazines?

They are research-based literacy resources in print and online for students in grades PreK–12 and their teachers. Our engaging nonfiction stories and digital teaching tools build knowledge and skills across the content areas—in any learning environment.

Enhance Continuous Learning

Wherever your students are, we help increase engagement for deeper learning and higher skills attainment. Every magazine includes activities and assessments that support state standards, prepare students for standardized tests and strengthen essential reading, writing and thinking skills.

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See the Evidence

A wealth of high-quality research shows that classroom magazines “are valuable tools for engaging students in literacy and enhancing opportunities for them to read with deep comprehension across disciplines and topics.”1

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Personalize Instruction with Differentiation Tools

Especially now, schools need the capacity to reach every reader and prevent learning loss. Keep all your learners on track with our digital differentiation tools, including:

• Closed-Captioned Videos
• Multiple Lexile Levels
• Text-to-Speech Audio
• Robust ELL Support

Easy to Use & Implement 


Teachers can easily use our print & digital resources for synchronous or asynchronous instruction. Plus, we offer Google Classroom and LMS support, making for seamless integration with your ed tech ecosystem.

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        1.  Scholastic Classroom Magazines Research Foundation. (2019). Scholastic Research and Validation, 14.