Supplement your curriculum with these complete print & digital teaching packages for grades 6–12.

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Grades 4–6 $8.49


Unforgettable stories in the genres you need to teach

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Grades 5/6 $5.75

Scholastic News Ed. 5/6

Captivating current events that support your curriculum

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Grades 6–8 $8.49

Junior Scholastic

News, history, and civics for the Social Studies classroom

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Grades 9–12 $9.99

The New York Times Upfront

Gets teens talking about today’s biggest news stories

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Grades 6–8 $9.99

Scholastic Scope

A complete multigenre language arts teaching package

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Grades 6–12 $9.49

Scholastic Action

Captivating stories and powerful support for striving readers

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Grades 6–10 $9.49

Science World

Captivating science news that supports NGSS and STEM education

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Grades 6–9 $8.49

Scholastic MATH

Motivating real-world math and skill-building practice problems

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Grades 7–12 $9.49


The latest on teen health as well as social and emotional learning

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Grades 7–12 $8.99

Scholastic Art

Brings classic and contemporary art to life

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Grades 3–6 $0.99

Science Spin Gr. 3–6

Just 99¢ with a Scholastic News Gr. 3–6 subscription

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Level 1 $7.99

¿Qué Tal?

An immersive and accessible introduction to Spanish

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Level 2 $7.99


Engaging Spanish texts for intermediate students

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Level 3 $7.99

El Sol

The Spanish-class resource for intermediate/advanced students

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Level 1 $7.99

Allons-y !

An immersive and accessible introduction to French

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Level 2 $7.99


Engaging French texts for intermediate students

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Level 3 $7.99

Ça Va ?

The French-class resource for the highest-level students

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Level 4 $7.99

Chez Nous

Advances high-level French students to near-native fluency

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Level 1 $7.99

Das Rad

An immersive and accessible introduction to German

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Levels 2/3 $7.99


Engaging German texts for intermediate students