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Storyworks sets your students on the path to literacy success. We have all the text types you need to engage early learners, including exciting nonfiction, simple fiction, decodables, and SEL comics. Plus, our leveled activities boost confidence and skills in your beginning readers!

Read Thrilling Stories.

Watch students’ eyes light up as they experience the most exciting, informative texts at early-learning levels.

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Extend learning with knowledge-building videos, fun read-alouds, and interactive skills pages on our whiteboard-friendly website.  

Integrate Anytime.

Use the magazine and online resources during your reading block, word work, or throughout the day to meet all of your teaching needs.


2024–2025 Pricing

Choose the subscription plan that’s right for you!

Choose the subscription plan that’s right for you!

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Print magazines, 6 for each student, delivered throughout the school year

Digital access to the most recent content and teacher support tools

Robust archive of past issues, videos, and interactive skills sheets

Minimum order quantity

10 students
10 students

For smaller class sizes or school-wide volume discounts, request a quote.

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