Grades K-1

Young readers can follow along with a digital read-aloud from Scholastic News 1 ! Click the “Read Aloud” button for a text-to-talk experience that models fluency. 

(Scholastic News 1, February 2018)

Only in America

This fact-filled story about fascinating landmarks across the U.S. is on your students' listening level.

Grades 2-3

Early elementary students will be riveted by this Video Read-Aloud from Storyworks Jr., narrated by author Lauren Tarshis and accompanied by gripping photos and footage.

(Storyworks Jr., May 2017)

The Boston Molasses Flood of 1919

Your students won’t forget the story of this bizarre and deadly disaster—or the boy who survived it.

Grades 4-5

This funny and tender fiction story from Storyworks will amuse upper-elementary readers.

(Storyworks, March/April 2018)

Squeak Twice for Yes

Two science-fair partners strive for first place—but get something better.

Grades 6-8

Perfect for middle-school students, this touching narrative from Science World contains powerful lessons about biology, adversity, and resilience.

(Science World, September 17, 2018)

Linebacker With No Limits

Seattle Seahawks’ Shaquem Griffin, who lost his hand because of a rare medical condition, challenges what it means to be a pro football player.

Give your students the chance to do the reading with this thrilling read-aloud drama from Scope.

(Scope, October 2018)


An electrifying adaptation of Mary Shelley's classic horror story

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