Student View

Dear Teachers,

Over many years, you have let us know that the stories we create do more than build knowledge and reading skills. They inspire kids, open their minds, and help them become more empathetic and understanding of people different from them.

In the following collection, you’ll find some teacher favorites from Classroom Magazines, organized by grade level. All of the stories were created by our teams to form the basis of powerful lessons and discussions. 

We will be expanding this collection in the coming months to include a broader range of topics, and look forward to working with you on our shared mission to help our children understand themselves and the world. 

—the editors of Scholastic Classroom Magazines

Grades K-3

Use these social-emotional learning resources on kindness, courage, and celebrating differences with your youngest learners.

The Skin You're In

Project this poster to celebrate and explore all the different colors our skin comes in.

My Big World

We Choose Kindness

Picture and discussion prompts help children discover how they can be kind in school.

Scholastic News Edition 1

When Words Hurt

Read about how one kid is helping others to be kind.

Scholastic News Edition 2

Kids Fought for Change

Meet a young girl who helped fight segregation in her community.

Scholastic News Edition 3

“We’ll Always Remember”

Third-graders honor enslaved people who lived in their town long ago.

Scholastic News Edition 3

Grades 4-5

Use these stories about real children from history and today to inspire your students to understand the importance of empathy and the dangers of intolerance.

Prisoners at Home

During WWII, the U.S. government locked up tens of thousands of Japanese Americans in prison camps.

Scholastic News Edition 4

My Dangerous Journey

Selihom was just 4 years old when she escaped from her country on foot.

Scholastic News Edition 5/6

The Boy Who Fought Hitler

The incredible story of a young Jewish resistance fighter during World War II


The Awesome Powers of Ethan Z.

A boy who looks different shares insights into acceptance and bullying.


Grades 6-12

Use these stories about real teens from history and today to build bridges of understanding—and to inspire your students to fight against bigotry and hatred.

From War to America

Two teen brothers, the war in Syria, and life as refugees in the United States


Growing Up Muslim in America

A powerful story about fighting prejudice in a post-9/11 world


The School That Stood Up to Hate

What happens when a school is faced with a hateful act?


Facing Down Danger

Meet a group of courageous students who are fighting violence with peace.


The White Rose

How a group of college students in Nazi Germany risked their lives to defy Hitler’s rule


Alone & Afraid

Thousands of immigrant children crossing into the United States at the southern border have been separated from their families. Why?

Junior Scholastic

Additional Resources

These organizations offer powerful classroom tools and resources to foster tolerance, kindness, and understanding.

Teaching Tolerance is a free K-12 resource from the Southern Poverty Law Center that is comprehensive in its coverage of race, identity, gender, religion, disability, sexuality, and more. You’ll find a wealth of resources including lesson plans, teaching strategies, film kits, and posters.

ADL is dedicated to fighting anti-Semitism and all forms of hate. On their website you’ll find free offerings for grades K-12, including lesson plans, book recommendations, training programs, anti-bias strategies, and more.

Facing History is a nonprofit organization that helps middle and high school teachers connect the past to the present in the context of prejudice. They offer free teaching resources such as multimedia materials, lesson plans, and full units.

GLSEN offers free teaching resources on the topics of gender and sexuality for grades K-12. You can find LGBTQ-inclusive curricula, educator guides, and lesson plans focused on bullying, bias, and diversity.

The Child Mind Institute is an independent nonprofit dedicated to promoting the mental health of young people. It offers expert-vetted, age-appropriate advice for helping children understand and cope with traumatic events. provides information from various government agencies on how you can prevent bullying, respond to it, and help build a a safe and supportive climate in your classroom and school. 

Do you have ideas to share for how to foster kindness and tolerance within your classroom community? We would love to hear from you. We also want to know what more we can do to support you in this important work.