Listen as a grownup reads a story or book to you. Then pick an activity from the list below! You can try a different activity every day, or repeat a favorite. Check back for more activities next week.

  • A character is someone who is in a story. It can be a person, an animal—even a robot! Describe your favorite character from the story. What do you like most about them? Talk about it with a grownup.
  • What part of the story surprised you the most? Talk about it with a grownup. 
  • Turn to a page in the book. Tell a grownup what is happening in the picture.
  • What did you learn from the book? Tell a grownup one new thing you learned. You can also draw about it.
  • Think of someone you know who would like this book. Why would they like it? Talk to a grownup about it.
  • Pretend you are friends with one of the characters in the story. Tell a grownup what you would do together or draw a picture of it.
  • Think about how the story ended. If you could change the ending, how would you make it different? Talk about it with a grownup or draw a picture of what would happen.
  • Pick a drawing or picture from the book. Then act it out!


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