Week 4

When you've finished your journeys, you're ready for the daily reading quest!

Day 16

Journey into the world of a feared and beloved predator in "Saving America's Wolves."
  • Explore the roots of your favorite music.
  • Bring dinosaurs to life.
  • Discover what the way you talk reveals about where you call home.
The History of Rock and Rap
Paired texts on music
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Dino Dude
Why do movies need scientists?
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What Do You Say?
Same country, different words
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Day 17

Journey back in time to learn more about a band of sea travelers in "A Viking Discovery."
  • Check out this powerful new telescope that is about to revolutionize astronomy.
  • Crush our fitness challenge.
  • Get lost in an enchanting story of gold coins, chipped mugs, and other treasures.
Portal to the Universe
Looking back to the early universe
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The Struggle Is Real
Getting fit wherever you are
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Fiction: Lost and Found
You never know what might wash up.
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Day 18

Tune in to the debate over broadcasting the nation’s highest court in "Should The Supreme Court Be Televised?"
  • Read a story about a rock that falls from space.
  • Create a slime empire.
  • Experience the moment when America's coasts were connected by railroad.
Fiction: The Space Rock
How a rock saved a town
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It's Slime Time!
How do you budget for making slime?
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The Railroad That Changed America
Connecting America—at a cost
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Day 19

See why tourists love taking selfies with adorable Australian animals in "Saved by Selfies?"
  • Learn how to stand up for yourself—the right way.
  • Craft an argument for or against using animals in art.
  • Meet the man who took on a mighty empire.
How to Fight Fair
Learn a crucial life skill.
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Painted Pigeons
Is it ethical to dye birds?
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The Legacy of Gandhi
Get to know Gandhi.
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Day 20

Meet an artist partnering with students in Maine and Iraq in "Mural Connection."
  • Learn the totally gross, totally fascinating history of teeth and dentistry.
  • Discover the ruins of the once-great Maya civilization.
  • Analyze baseball hitting stats.
The History of Teeth + Where Are All the Dentists?
Paired texts on teeth
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Jungle of Secrets
An amazing discovery about the Maya
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Going, Going, Gone!
Are home runs flying farther?
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Photo Credits: Illustration by James Vaughn (space); Illustration by Carolyn Ridsdale (arguing); Pat Perry (b.1991), Opening Lines Slemani, Iraq, 2019, Water based emulsion paint on concrete, approximately, 39x33ft (12x10 meters). Photography: Emad Rashidi (mural); Campbell Jones (quokka); Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images (baseball)