Week 3

When you've finished your journeys, you're ready for the daily reading quest!

Day 11

Measure goggles for your pet in "Protect Your Pets."
  • Meet five women who are finally getting the recognition they deserve.
  • Debate whether these popular experiences actually count as museums.
  • Read a short story about courage, grit, and growing up.
Overlooked No More
Five women you should know about
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This is a Museum?
Exhibits on selfies and ice cream
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Fiction: The Roach
A heartfelt short story
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Day 12

Choose a side in a space debate: “Should humans go to Mars?
  • Meet a 14-year-old who dreams of going to Mars.
  • Find out how a fancy dish from Europe became an all-American classic.
  • Make journaling a habit.
Shooting for the Stars
One teen says YES to Mars
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Mac and Cheese Mania
The history of mac and cheese
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Dear Diary
Writing to self-reflect
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Day 13

Banish stress like a superstar in "Secret Stress Busters of the Stars."
  • Find out the real science behind Black Panther's vibranium.
  • Find the volume of carnivorous plants.
  • Journey to ancient China to witness the rise of an empire.
Fictional Element
A fake element on the periodic table?
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Killer Plants
These plants eat insects—and more!
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The Emperor and the Assassin
The epic story of China's founding
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Day 14

Meet Noah Carver, an unstoppable 15-year-old in "Nothing Holds Me Back."
  • Get to know the professional GIF creator behind your favorite trends.
  • Enter the race to create the world's tallest building.
  • Find out what rights the First Amendment guarantees you.
He Makes GIFs for a Living!
Working with stars to make GIFs
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Sky-High Science
How to build super-tall skyscrapers
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First Amendment 101
Know your rights
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Day 15

Join the big debate on drones in "Invasion of the Drones."
  • Read about a boy who learns to follow his heart.
  • Meet a chef inspired by math.
  • Discover how tourists alter historic sites.
Fiction: The Cow's Horn
A teen finds his passion.
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Delicious Designs
How did math help make these desserts?
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Are We Ruining Ruins?
Can ruins handle the pressure?
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Photo Credits: ©Jensen Hande Studios, All Rights Reserved (girl with spacesuit); Courtesy Rex Specs (doggles); Ferdy Damman/AFP/Getty Images (Katy Perry); Tim Clayton/Corbis Via Getty Images (Simone Biles); C Flanigan/Getty Images (Kendrick Lamar); Damian Strohmeyer/AP Photo (Kyle Emanuel); Buena Vista Images/Getty Images (drone over beach); Illustration by Xinmei Liu (Chinese emperor)