Week 2

When you've finished your journeys, you're ready for the daily reading quest!

Day 6

Separate fact from fiction on the Internet in "How To Fact Check The Internet."
  • Dream up domino patterns with an expert artist.
  • Discover a remote island's legendary treasures
  • Meet a young basketball star playing for Team USA.
Domino Designer
The colorful world of dominoes
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Was This Statue Stolen?
A battle over an ancient artifact
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Shooting For Success
This teen scores in a wheelchair.
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Day 7

Explore an underground museum filled with eerie-looking rocks in "Glow in the Dark Mine."
  • Find out how pencils are made with this trip to a fascinating factory.
  • Become a smarter snacker.
  • Explore what life is like for a military family in this sweet and humorous short story.
The Write Stuff
Making a trusty tool
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Can You Pass Our Snack Pop Quiz?
Finding healthy ways to snack
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Fiction: The Perfects
Being perfect isn't everything.
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Day 8

Travel back in time to meet a spy during the Civil War in "Spying on the South."
  • Find out how a classic toy gets a cool makeover.
  • Take a side in the debate over participation awards.
  • See art made from candy!
Crazy Putty
Putting the "crazy" in crazy putty
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Should Everyone Get a Trophy?
Are some trophies a waste?
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Don't Eat the Art
This artist paints with jellybeans
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Day 9

See how a family styled their house to look like a famous painting in "Brush With the Law."
  • Journey to the rainforests of Borneo to meet the team that saved a baby orangutan's life.
  • Meet a teen piano player who beat the odds.
  • See how characters come to life.
How to Save a Baby Orangutan
The race to save a dying orangutan
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The Amazing Music of Darrius Simmons
Get inspired by this amazing teen
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Creating Coco
How do animators use 3-D shapes?
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Day 10

Take a thrilling journey up a mysterious mountain in "Climbing Skull Mountain" (fiction).
  • Take a side: Should Instagram get rid of likes?
  • Discover the story of how two popular foods came to America.
  • Meet a zookeeper who loves his job, and wants the world to know.
Should Instagram Get Rid of Likes?
One of social media's top debates
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How Pizza Came to America and Sushi Takes Over
Paired texts
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Animal Advocate
Caring for hippos, wolves, and more
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Photo Credits: Ann Parry/ZUMA Wire/Alamy Stock Photo (jellybean art); shutterstock.com (pizza); Illustration by the Red Dress; Arlene Waller/Shutterstock.com (grand canyon); Michael Gilday/Alamy Stock Photo (skull); Wojtek Buss/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images (Easter Island)