Each day, read an article, short story, or chapter from a novel. Then choose one of the daily reading challenges below! You can try a new activity every day, or repeat a favorite.

  • Look over what you just read and record any words, phrases, or whole sentences that are particularly meaningful or interesting. Write them each on a separate strip of paper. Then move them around to create a poem, rearranging them until you are satisfied. Give your poem a title and recite it to a friend or family member.
  • Retell the beginning, middle, and end of what you read using emojis. Ask someone to decode each part to see if they can determine what the story was about.
  • Use the following conversation starters to share what you just read with a friend or family member.
    • As I was reading, I was wondering about… 
    • This reading helped me better understand… 
    • As I was reading, I felt… because… 
    • I was surprised that… 
    • One lesson I learned is… 
  • Rewrite what you just read in the form of a graphic novel.
  • Create a podcast about your article, story, or book. Will it be an interview, discussion, or some other creative style? Write out a script so you can see how your podcast will flow and sound. Will you include music? Sound effects? Have fun!
  • Rewrite what you just read as a Twitter conversation among characters. Stick to Twitter’s 140-character maximum length per tweet. Don’t forget hashtags!
  • Imagine that you are the set designer for a theater that plans to put on what you’re reading as a play. Write an email explaining your vision to the rest of your crew—the makeup artists, lighting team, music and sound team, props master, etc.—so that they understand the atmosphere you want to create in Scene 1.
  • Write a letter to the author who wrote what you just read. Explain what you liked and/or disliked about it. Then ask the author one or more questions about what you still want to know.
  • Create an imaginary Facebook profile for a character or person from your reading. Be sure to include a profile picture, cover photo, basic info, life events, status updates, friends, links and photos they might share, etc.
  • After reading, write a 3-2-1 list: 3 things you learned, 2 questions you still have, and 1 thing you really enjoyed. Then go online to hunt for answers to your 2 questions. 
Your Weekly Writing Quest

This week, choose at least two of the prompts below and respond in a notebook or on a piece of paper. 

  • Here’s a list of first lines to stories that don’t yet exist. Choose your favorite and turn it into a fantastic work of fiction.
    • Here’s the thing about me: I’m not exactly human.
    • There is something impossible in my basement.
    • On January 1, every 12-year-old woke up with the ability to fly.
  • Think about a person you look up to or admire. Write a letter to them explaining why they are special to you.
  • Gather a few photographs from family albums, magazines, newspapers, or online. Sit down with other members of your family and have everyone choose one photo. Spend 10-15 minutes free writing a story inspired by that photo. Swap photographs with someone and write for another 10-15 minutes. Have everyone share their stories along with the picture that inspired them.
  • Keep a journal to record your activities and feelings. In the future, it will help you remember what your life was like now. Here are some sentence starters to help you begin:
    • Today is _______ (add the date). This is what I did:
    • Today I feel ______ (add a word to describe how you feel). I feel this way because . . .
  • Pick a time period from the past. Write a first-person narrative about what life was like during that time. You may need to do some research!
  • What is a moment in your life that you’re really proud of? Write a description of it, including details to make the moment come alive. Alternatively, write a poem about it!


Additional Reading and Exploration Paths

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