Week 1

When you've finished your journeys, you're ready for the daily reading quest!

Day 1

Meet a teen changing how the world views disabilities in “Celebrating Differences.”


Cozy Camouflage
Amazing outfits that blend in
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The Future of Zoos
Are zoos still a good idea?
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All About Emojis
How emojis are engineered
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Day 2

Get to know a new canine companion in "Robot Dog vs. Real Dog."


  • Tune in to the history of TV.
  • Uncover the truth about a mysterious beast.
  • Take a fun quiz to discover your personality type.
How Television Changed America
TV has come a long way.
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Search for a Monster
New evidence on the Loch Ness Monster
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How Well Do You Know . . . You?
Which personality type are you?
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Day 3

Travel back in time to meet the "Girl Hero of the American Revolution."


  • Decode what your dog is thinking.
  • Ride the K-pop wave.
  • Search for extraterrestrial life in a sci-fi story.
Hey, Human!
What are dogs trying to tell us?
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The K-pop Wave
Korean popular music tops the charts.
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Fiction: What We Saw
Life on Planet Doom
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Day 4

Get a taste of the chemistry behind your favorite sweets in "Extreme Candy."


  • Take a side: Are video games a sport?
  • Read why one girl chooses a magical power.
  • Locate the extreme places where some of the Star Wars movies were filmed.
Should Video Gaming Be a Sport?
The big debate around gaming
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Fiction: The Day It Rained Cats
A girl learns magic from her grandma.
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Not So Far, Far Away
Where the Star Wars saga was filmed
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Day 5

Break out of an island prison in "Escape From Alcatraz."


  • Find your perfect playlist.
  • Explore the mysteries of how butterflies navigate.
  • Discover your own superpowers.
Predicting Your Playlist
How computers help you find music
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Butterfly Vision
An experiment on butterfly eyesight
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Fiction: If I Were a Superhero
One person imagines her superpower.
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Photo Credits: Whitney Curtis/AP Images for Scholastic, Inc. (prosthetic); Illustration by James Yamasaki (gaming); Illustration by Allan Davey (Revolutionary War); Shutterstock.com (bone background); Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP/Getty Images (dog robot); Susan Schmitz/Shutterstock.com (bulldog); Photo illustration by MAGICTORCH (candy)