Thursday, June 4

2:00pm EST: Debbi Michiko Florence
Story Jam

Join Keep it Together, Keiko Carter author Debbi Michiko Florence for a story jam! Debbi will start off a story with a sentence that the community will be challenged to complete. She’ll choose which direction the story goes from all the options and give a second sentence. Together she and the Home Base community will write a story in the chat!


2:30pm EST: Keith Calabrese

What do you know about chaos theory? Are you interested in writing a story where tiny events throughout are all connected? Ask all your questions during this Q&A with Connect the Dots author Keith Calabrese! 

Week 1

When you've finished your journeys, you're ready for the daily reading quest!

Day 1

Meet a teen changing how the world views disabilities in "Nothing Can Stop Her."
  • Listen for whales near New York City.
  • Travel to sizzling and freezing places.
  • Hang out with sloths that play sports.
Whales in the City
Play a game and learn about whale calls.
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Hottest/Coldest Places
Two places with extreme temperatures
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Hanging Tough
Sporting events may save sloths.
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Day 2

Discover how scientists may have solved one of nature’s greatest mysteries: "Why Do Zebras Have Stripes?"
  • Discover secrets about our first president.
  • Read a story about a top secret robot that can do chores!
  • Meet kids who compete in the mud.
Washington's Secrets Revealed
Shocking facts about George Washington
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Fiction: Clean Start
A boy creates a robot to do his chores.
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Muddy Moves
A race through the mud
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Day 3

Take a virtual video field trip to the American Revolution with Lauren Tarshis, author of the best-selling "I Survived" book series. Click the link for more resources, including a free article for your age range!
  • Find out how sea otters are bouncing back.
  • Meet an amazing domino art designer.
  • Debate It: Do you prefer cats or dogs?
We're Still Here!
Cuddly creatures make a comeback.
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Domino Designer
Building domino displays with math
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Cats or Dogs?
Which makes a better pet?
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Day 4

Learn why some kids are eating insects in "Burger Bugs?"
  • Travel to places with wacky names.
  • Meet the cat who inspired an invention.
  • Take a side: Are sports too intense for kids?
What's in a Name?
The stories behind these places' names
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A Better Brush
A brush designed like a cat's tongue
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Are Youth Sports Too Intense?
The big debate about kids' sports
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Day 5

Check out the amazing journeys these students take every day in "How Do You Get to School?"
  • Find out about a garbage-gobbling machine.
  • Read a story about a girl who discovers herself through singing.
  • See how the world looks to these four animals.
Trash Collector
A cool new way to clean up trash
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Fiction: Amira's Song
Music connects Amira to her family.
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Extraordinary Eyes
These animals have super eyesight.
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Photo Credits: Courtesy of Lily Hevesh/Hevesh5 (domino sculpture); Dong mu - Imaginechina/AP Images (climbing ladder); John Lund/Getty Images (dog and cat); Illustration by Dave Wheeler (boy w/robot)