Thursday, June 4

2:00pm EST: Debbi Michiko Florence
Story Jam

Join Keep it Together, Keiko Carter author Debbi Michiko Florence for a story jam! Debbi will start off a story with a sentence that the community will be challenged to complete. She’ll choose which direction the story goes from all the options and give a second sentence. Together she and the Home Base community will write a story in the chat!


2:30pm EST: Keith Calabrese

What do you know about chaos theory? Are you interested in writing a story where tiny events throughout are all connected? Ask all your questions during this Q&A with Connect the Dots author Keith Calabrese! 

Week 4

When you've finished your journeys, you're ready for the daily reading quest!

Day 16

Travel to exciting spots around the globe without leaving your room in "A Small World."
  • Explore the wacky world of toy collecting.
  • Discover how chameleons use sticky spit to snatch the insects they eat.
  • Journey to a candy wonderland.
Toys or Treasures? + My Priceless Treasure
Paired texts
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Spit helps chameleons catch prey.
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Candy Creations
This exhibit turns candy into art.
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Day 17

Build with a LEGO® Master Model Builder in "LEGO Builder."
  • Explore the Statue of Liberty's exciting past.
  • Uncover buried dinosaur history in a muddy pit in New Jersey.
  • Ask yourself: What would you do if you found a ring that didn't belong to you?
Secrets of the Statue
Amazing facts about a famous American symbol
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Welcome to Fossil Park
This mud pit is full of fossils.
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Fiction: The Choice
Is Zander a keeper or a returner?
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Day 18

A photographer helps bring a pair of dolphins in distress back to their home in "Saving the Dolphins."
  • Hang out with the famous author of some of the world's best-selling books.
  • Take a tour around Earth to see some of the planet's most amazing regions.
  • Study the stats on cell phones.
Meet Dav Pilkey
A kid reporter interview
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Wild World
Check out these extreme locations.
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The Story of Cell Phones
Phenomenal cell phone facts
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Day 19

Meet the cute dogs that sniff for science in "Dog Detectives."
  • Debate it: Is the app TikTok good for kids?
  • Learn how Muppets stay in shape.
  • Meet a young rodeo star who honors black cowboys of the Wild West.
Is Tik Tok Good for Kids?
Should Jade get to use the app?
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Puppet Doctors
Artists keep Muppets in shape.
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Keeping the Legend Alive
A rodeo star rides with pride.
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Day 20

Watch yo-yoers compete with cool tricks in "Yo-Yo Pros."
  • Discover how Maddie faces her worst nightmare: crawling, slithering worms.
  • Take a side: Is playing video games a sport?
  • Find out how studying red pandas can help save them in the wild.
The Day the Worms Moved In
Maddie is braver than she thinks.
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Is Playing Video Games a Sport?
A debate about electronic sports
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Out on a Limb
How scientists raise red pandas
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Photo Credits: Bob Andres/Atlanta Journal-Constitution/AP Photo (Kermit); Jaymi Heimbuch/Minden Pictures (dog); Scott Gries/AP Images for Scholastic, Inc. (LEGO); Brian Branch Price/ZUMA Wire/Alamy Live News (cowgirl)