Thursday, June 4

2:00pm EST: Debbi Michiko Florence
Story Jam

Join Keep it Together, Keiko Carter author Debbi Michiko Florence for a story jam! Debbi will start off a story with a sentence that the community will be challenged to complete. She’ll choose which direction the story goes from all the options and give a second sentence. Together she and the Home Base community will write a story in the chat!


2:30pm EST: Keith Calabrese

What do you know about chaos theory? Are you interested in writing a story where tiny events throughout are all connected? Ask all your questions during this Q&A with Connect the Dots author Keith Calabrese! 

Week 3

When you've finished your journeys, you're ready for the daily reading quest!

Day 11

Take a ride on a record-breaking roller coaster in "Built for Thrills."
  • Read a funny fiction story about two science fair partners and their wacky project.
  • Visit the Grand Canyon, one of the world's most amazing natural wonders.
  • Meet a 12-year-old comic book author.
Fiction: Squeak Twice for Yes
Can Brian's dog communicate?
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This Place Rocks!
Five facts about the Grand Canyon
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Comic Book Kid
What does it take to write a comic?
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Day 12

Join the hunt for lost pirate treasure in "The Search for Pirate Gold."
  • Find out if it's a good idea to keep wild animals as pets.
  • Study the statistics on trash floating in outer space.
  • Meet a chef who prepares food for more than 10,000 zoo animals.
The Wild World of Pets
Do exotic animals make good pets?
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Space Trash Stats
Out-of-this-world stats
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Zoo Chef
Feeding hungry animals
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Day 13

Race with the fastest animals on Earth in "How Fast Can They Go?"
  • Chew on this! An engineer uses recycled gum to make new products.
  • Read an interview with a best-selling graphic novelist.
  • Gobble up two articles about the sweet history of chocolate.
Sticky Business
Giving chewed gum a new purpose
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It Takes Guts
One author faces her fears.
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The History of Yum
A taste of chocolate's rich history
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Day 14

Learn how to spot social media hoaxes, like the broomstick challenge, in "Were You Fooled?"
  • Find out how scientists are saving grizzly bears.
  • Compete with amazing wheelchair racers.
  • Debate it: Are there advantages to boredom?
Roaring Back
Closing roads to help bears
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Hot Wheels
Wheelchair racers speed to victory.
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Is It Good to Be Bored Sometimes?
The pros and cons of boredom
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Day 15

Read a fiction story about how some surprising friends help Veronica find her voice in "Veronica's Pack."
  • Explore how simple machines can be used to create wacky contraptions.
  • Discover why a letter written on board the Titanic sold for thousands of dollars.
  • Rock out with a concert sign language interpreter.
One Crazy Device
Building ridiculous machines
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A Titanic Treasure
The story of the famous sunken ship
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Concert Communicator
Interpreters sign along at concerts.
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Photo Credits: Illustration by Fionna Fernandes; KAR Photography/Alamy Stock Photo (bears); Simcha Friedman (wheelchair racer); ©Yelo34/ (rollercoaster)