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Week 2

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Day 6

Discover the story behind man's best friend in "The Amazing History of Dogs."

  • Explore Earth's deepest, darkest oceans alongside a daring pro diver.
  • Find out how pencils are created.
  • Tap into the beauty of Japanese taiko drums.
Watery Wonders of the World
Dive into Earth's oceans.
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The Write Stuff
Simple machines that make pencils
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Beats of Art
Artists' carefully crafted drums
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Day 7

Meet a YouTube star who creates spectacular cakes in "Cake Chemist."
  • Discover how an artist builds stunning sandcastles.
  • Learn how an amazing service dog changed one U.S. veteran's life.
  • Debate it: Would you go on a space vacation?
Sand Sculptor
Making masterpieces in the sand
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A Hero's Best Friend
Learn how an amazing service dog changed one U.S. veteran's life.
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Would You Take A Trip to Space?
A debate on space travel
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Day 8

Dive into the super secret world of dolphin spies in "Dolphins On Duty!"
  • Study stats on the books you love.
  • Meet the designer of incredible pop-up books.
  • Read about a boy who catches something special on a fishing trip with his dad.
Why Reading Rules
Fascinating facts about books
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Making Pictures Pop
3-D images that leap off the page
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Fiction: The Big One
A boy bonds with his dad
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Day 9

Unearth the surprising truth about animal venom in "Toxic Discoveries."
  • Learn what it takes to make it into the world's best-selling record book!
  • Devour the delicious histories of pizza and sushi.
  • Take flight with this fascinating profile of a scientist who invented a jet pack.
How To Be A Record Breaker
Tips from record-setting kids
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How Pizza Conquered America and Sushi Takes Over
Paired texts
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Defying Gravity
A jet suit that can defy gravity
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Day 10

Explore how five plants climb, compete, and deceive to stay alive in "World's Wildest Plants."
  • Discover a dinosaur's true voice.
  • Read about one family's big decision
  • Weigh In: Do you think texting is wrecking your writing skills?
Did Dinosaurs Really Roar?
Scientists search for the truth.
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Fiction: The Space Rock
A story about making choices
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Is Texting Ruining Your Writing?
The debate over emojis and texts
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Photo Credits: iStockPhoto/Getty Images, (dogs); Carolyn Ridsdale (astronaut and rocket); Zakharchuk/ (stars); John Gilhooley (baking); U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Jennifer A. Villalovos (dolphin)