Powerful Differentiation Tools

We know that a vast majority of classrooms include readers and writers at many different levels. Classroom Magazines strives to make sure that all your students get the most out of our challenging content.

Support all your learners with our many differentiation tools—from leveled-texts to audio read-alouds and lots more. Try these resources out in your classroom today.

(Please note: available tools vary by Magazine. For differentiation supports specific to your subscription, please visit your Magazine’s Help & How To guides.)

Use Our Differentiation Tools:

1. Leveled Texts

Alternate reading levels of text are offered by many of our magazines.

2. Audio Read-Alouds

All of our Magazines offer one or more audio supports, such as:

  1. Read-Alouds, in which an author or editor reads a story to your students—ideal for modeling fluency and expression
  2. Text-to-Speech, which highlights each word on-screen as it is read—helpful for struggling readers and ELLs.


3. Differentiated Skill-Building Activities and Quizzes

Some skills sheets are available on two levels: one with more scaffolding and one with less.

4. Vocabulary Slideshows

In the vocabulary slideshow, words are pronounced, defined, and accompanied by a photograph or video clip. 

5. Knowledge-Building Videos

Our videos build background and vocabulary related to an article, making the text more accessible to readers.

6. Tips in the Teacher’s Guide

Often, lesson plans will include differentiation tips, such as ideas to enrich learning for struggling readers, advanced readers, and ELLs.