Finding Your Teaching Resources

When you log in to your Magazine website as an educator, you have tons of teaching resources at your fingertips. You can find these resources throughout the website – but we also collect relevant supports with every issue and story.

To locate your resources, begin by clicking on the Magazine issue or story you wish to teach. Then you can easily find all of your supports – such as lesson plans, standards, and skills sheets – in one place. The exact location of these resource collections depends on your subscription. We have gathered examples below for your reference.

Also, keep an eye out for our Digital Resource Guides or Teacher’s Guides. Available with every issue, these provide helpful tips for finding the perfect resources to pair with your selected lessons. 

If you subscribe to My Big WorldLet’s Find OutScholastic News Edition 1, or Scholastic News Edition 2, look for a toolbar like this one once you click on any issue:

teaching resources sidebar

If you subscribe to any of our Storyworks magazines, or to Scope, you can find resources collected both with the full issue, as well as with individual stories. When you view a full issue, look for a toolbar similar to this one:

ELA Magazine teaching resources

And when you explore a specific story, you can also locate the Resources and Lesson Plan tabs, which look similar to this:

ELA magazine tabs, story, resources, lesson plan

If you subscribe to Scholastic News Editions 34, or 5/6Junior ScholasticUpfrontActionChoicesDynaMathScholastic MATHSuperScienceScience World, or Scholastic Art, you can also find teaching resources on a full issue page or with individual articles. When you click on any issue, the top of the page features key supports and a dedicated Resources tab. Or, when you are viewing a specific article, look for a toolbar similar to this one on the left-hand side. Click on Teaching Resources to jump to all of the supports specific to that article:

magazine toolbar teacher view