Exploring the Archives

Have you taken the time to dive into the rich magazine archive?  On the magazine website, click All Issues at the top to see our full library of issues from the last several years.

You can use these issues to:

  • Build connections with other readings 
  • Encourage independent reading
  • Send your students on exciting research projects
  • Celebrate special holidays and historical events
  • Teach an older issue of the magazine after the site has been updated to a new issue
  • And more!

Looking for something specific to tie into your current unit? You can also search for articles and issues that touch on any topic by using the search bar on the top right of the website. Just type in a focus you’re looking for, and you’ll get a list of magazine content that fits what you need. 

You can even use the search bar to find a story focused on a specific skill. Just type in the skill you’re looking for to see all of the magazine articles you can use that concentrate on helping your students master that skill.