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News and Current Events Magazines 

Bring important news stories into your classroom with our curriculum-connected current events titles.

Grade 1 $3.57

Scholastic News Ed. 1

Short nonfiction on the seasonal themes you need to teach

Grade 2 $3.57

Scholastic News Ed. 2

Curriculum-connected nonfiction just for grade two

Grade 3 $3.57

Scholastic News Ed. 3

Kid-friendly current events just for grade three

Grade 4 $3.57

Scholastic News Ed. 4

The current events magazine just for grade four

Grades 5/6 $3.57

Scholastic News Ed. 5/6

Captivating current events that support your curriculum

Grades 6–8 $5.09

Junior Scholastic

News, history, and civics for the Social Studies classroom

Grades 9–12 $5.99

The New York Times Upfront

Gets teens talking about today’s biggest news stories