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Grades 9–12

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The educational expertise of Scholastic meets the journalistic resources of The New York Times

Take a closer look at Upfront magazine: 

  • National and world news stories make current events relevant to your students and your Social Studies curriculum.

  • Meet rigorous language arts standards with a wide variety of informational texts and challenging text-based questions.

  • Stunning photos, political cartoons, maps, charts, and graphs give students deeper insight into the major issues facing the U.S. and the world. 

  • Debates on major news topics help students develop logical arguments to support their positions on controversial issues. 

  • 16-Page Teacher's Guides feature step-by-step lesson plans, Social Studies vocabulary, research and writing prompts, and reproducible quizzes.

  • Two FREE Poster Series include 6 News Maps and 6 Photos That Made History.

  • A Special World Affairs Issue features a complete up-to-date world atlas and almanac for every one of your students.

  • Upfront Online expands and enhances the print magazine with digital editions, videos, rigorous skills games, and printable activities.

  • Student iPad® App features digital issues, videos, review games, and more.

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Take a look at the high-interest current events content The New York Times Upfront has in store for next year.

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With your order of 10 or more subscriptions, you get complete access to The New York Times Upfront's comprehensive digital resources:


Complete Digital Editions

Every issue is available in a convenient digital format with integrated features like videos, pop-up vocabulary, and web links. 


Insightful mini-documentaries examine important current events topics. 

Skills Sheets

Every issue comes with multiple quizzes and activites that reinforce
skills like close reading, citing text evidence, central idea, and other
essential skills. 


Lower Reading Level

An optional lower reading level of articles allows you to easily differentiate instruction and help struggling readers.


Review each issue with the fun and engaging Jeopardy-style News IQ game. 


High-quality links provide excellent starting points for student research projects and offer the ability to explore the magazine's topics in more depth. 

Student iPad® App

Now your students can read every issue from the school year and watch news videos right on their iPads!  

Scholastic Classroom Magazines help students practice their reading and analytical skills as well as address issues that are relevant to both their academic and personal lives. Perhaps equally as important, magazines are great for motivating students to want to learn! Our downloadable Skills Development Flyer describes the specific literacy and content area skills addressed in The New York Times Upfront.

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Take an in-depth look at the many ways Upfront meets the Common Core State Standards.

Upfront Common Core Highlights-Grades 9-10

Upfront Common Core Highlights-Grades 11-12


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