Storyworks Common Core Reader

Storyworks Common Core Reader

Grades 3–6

Language Arts

Price per student: $2.95*


The Storyworks Common Core Reader, Disaster and Survival, builds critical ELA skills through a thrilling multi-genre journey

  • Designed by the Common Core experts at Storyworks magazinethis 32-page best-of collection explores the theme of disaster and survival through 10 different genres.

  • This unique collection features engaging and rigorous texts that all connect to the theme of disaster and survival.

  • Designed for the Common Core, our reader builds analytical reading and writing skills using complex texts across many genres.

  • Essential Questions guide students through purposeful reading, culminating in challenging learning tasks that prepare students for Common Core assessments.

  • The Core Skills Focus includes using text evidence, critical thinking, close reading, domain vocabulary, and key writing areas that are demanded by the Common Core.

  • Step-by-Step Lesson Plans for each article and directions for combining texts make for exciting and challenging reading and writing adventures.

  • Exceptional Online Support includes scaffolded activities, differentiated writing tasks, and quizzes modeled on PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessments.

  • Culminating Performance Tasks emphasize collaboration and research on exciting real-life projects.

* Minimum order of 10 copies per edition. For orders of fewer than 10, books are $9.95 each.

Here’s what you get!
Ten Genres of thrilling content, all ready for the Common Core

NARRATIVE NONFICTION: “Disasteron the Mountain”
A day of skiing turns deadly when an avalanche rushes down an Alaskan mountain.

FIRST-PERSON ACCOUNT: “After the Tornado”
A young survivor shares insights after a powerful tornado hits his town.

FICTION: “Wind” by Roland Smith
A girl learns about the power of community when a hurricane strikes her Florida town.

INFORMATIONAL TEXT: “Tracking Tornadoes”
Can modern prediction tools help save lives?

VIDEO: “After Hurricane Sandy: Hope and Healing”
A young girl turns her grief to hope with a program to match Sandy survivors to donors.

DRAMA/HISTORICAL FICTION: “I Survived Hurricane Katrina”
Swept away by hurricane winds and waves, a young boy discovers his inner hero.

MAP/INFOGRAPHIC: America the Extreme
The United States has severe weather of almost every kind.

INFORMATIONAL TEXT: “Are You Ready for a Disaster?”
A little bit of planning can make a big difference.

Should people be allowed to stay put as a disaster closed in?

INTERVIEW: “Wild About Weather”
One boy turns his passion for extreme weather into a thriving website.

POETRY: “Speaking of Light” by Rebecca Kai Dotlich

Support Materials
  • Step-by-step lesson plans for each section
  • Quizzes modeled on PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessments
  • Close-reading and critical-thinking questions
  • Differentiated writing tasks
  • Vocabulary activities
  • Performance tasks


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