Scope Text Set

Scope Text Set

Grades 6–8

Language Arts

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The Scope Text Set skills book, Courage & Resilience, builds critical ELA skills through a thrilling multi-genre journey

  • Designed by the ELA experts at Scholastic Scope magazinethis 32-page best-of collection explores the theme of courage through 12 essential genres.

  • The unique collection of engaging, rigorous, and high-quality texts builds knowledge as well as close-reading and analysis skills. 

  • It's designed for higher-academic standards and challenges students to read, analyze, and write about complex texts in many genres.

  • Essential questions guide students through purposeful reading, culminating in challenging learning tasks that prepare students for standardized tests and assessments.

  • Core skills activities require students to use text evidence, think critically, read closely, use domain vocabulary, and display proficency in argument, expository, and narrative writing. 

  • Step-by-step lesson plans for each article have directions for combining texts—for exciting and challenging reading and writing adventures.

  • Exceptional online support includes scaffolded activities, differentiated writing tasks, and quizzes modeled on today's assessments.

  • Culminating performance tasks emphasize collaboration, research, and exciting real-life projects.

* Special price for order of 10 copies or more. For orders of fewer than 10, books are $9.95 each.


Here’s what you get:

12 genres of thrilling content, all ready for higher-academic standards

What do extraordinary hardships reveal about the human spirit?

           NARRATIVE NONFICTION: "The Invincible Lexi Youngberg"
           The amazing true story of a teenage girl who lost her leg in a boating

           PRIMARY DOCUMENT: Letter by a Civil War veteran and amputee

           INFOGRAPHIC: Prosthetics of Tomorrow

What power does community offer to its members? 

FICTION: "Wind" by Roland Smith
A girl learns about the power of community when a hurricane strikes her
Florida town.

FIRST PERSON ACCOUNT: "I Survived the Henryville Tornado"
A young survivor shares insights after a powerful tornado hits his town.

VIDEO: "Surviving Hurricane Sandy: Rebuilding Hope"
A young girl turns her grief to hope with a program to match Sandy survivors to donors.

How do people react in the face of injustice?

DRAMA: "Teen Freedom Fighter"
A group of teens risk their lives to march with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

PRIMARY DOCUMENT: Newspaper Article
A 1965 account of the march to Montgomery

INFORMATIONAL TEXT: "The Voting Rights Act of 1965" 
The landmark legislation that changed America


How can failure be an important experience? 

ARGUMENT ESSAY: "Why Failure is the Secret of Success"
An essay about the importance of messing up

SPEECH: "Finding Joy in Overcoming Obstacles" by Helen Keller
An excerpt from Helen Keller’s speech about enjoying challenges

POEM: "Invictus" by William Ernest Henley
This classic poem embodies the major themes of the Reader.
Audio version included!


Support Materials
  • Step-by-step lesson plans 
  • Quizzes modeled on PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessments
  • Close-reading and critical-thinking questions
  • Differentiated writing tasks
  • Vocabulary activities
  • Performance tasks


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