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Cutting-Edge Science News for Your Curriculum! 

     Biology • Physics • Chemistry • Earth Science • Engineering 

  • Science current events articles bring today's most remarkable scientific discoveries into your classroom! 

  • Biology, physics, chemistry, Earth science, and engineering connections are covered in every article. 

  • STEM and NGSS support: Articles focus on careers, how science is practiced in the real world, and the interdisciplinary nature of science.

  • Informational texts and language arts activities bring literacy into your lab! 

  • Science World Online features digital editions, interactive skills sheets, videos, science games, and much more. 

  • Printed Teacher's Guides save you prep time with lesson plans, assessment packages, and standards correlations.

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With your order of 10 or more subscriptions, you get complete access to Science World's comprehensive digital resources:

Digital Editions

Read every issue on your interactive whiteboard, projector, or classroom computer. 


Videos—Now with Closed-Captioning!

Bring articles to life with captivating visuals, fascinating facts, and background information.


Weekly News Stories

Every week we post new science current events on each scientific discipline.


Interactive Skills Sheets

16 or more skills sheets per issue include review quizzes and language arts assessments (including our NEW paired text activities). 


Search and Customization Options!

Browse Science World Online by scientific discipline, or search for any articles, videos, or other digital content we've created in the past five years!


Science Games

Sci-Triv® is an interactive, Jeopardy®-style game that makes reviewing fun! We post a new one with every issue. 




Science World builds knowledge in the five main scientific disciplines, develops understanding of scientific practices, and even improves core language arts skills. Learn all about the specific science and ELA skills we cover in the magazine with our Skills Development Sheet.

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