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Scholastic Scope<sup>®</sup>

Scholastic Scope®

Grades 6–8

Language Arts
9 Issues

Price per student: $8.99

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Subscribers receive exclusive access to Scholastic Scope's complete online resources.
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All the Genres and Skills You Need to Teach in One Magazine

Take a closer look at Scope's dynamic ELA resources:  

  • Designed for the Common Core, Scope combines thrilling complex texts with rigorous support materials to build skills in every strand of the standards. 

  • Our wide range of genres includes informational and narrative nonfiction, short fiction, infographics, debates, speeches, and dramas based on myths, classic literature, and history.

  • Paired texts explore one topic or theme through two or more genres, requiring students to synthesize, analyze, and make meaningful cross-genre connections.

  • Challenging reader tasks support every text and require students to apply ELA skills directly from the Common Core.

  • Scope Online features in-depth support with dazzling videos, audio articles, activity sheets, and quizzes modeled on key assessments. Many activities are available at two or more levels to help you differentiate instruction. 

  • Build argument writing skills with debates that feature thoughtful writing prompts and clear essay templates. 

  • Printed Teacher's Guides feature easy-to-use, step-by-step lessons that include close-reading and critical-thinking questions, standards correlations, essential questions, and a breakdown of each article's complexity factors.  

  • Key grammar concepts are modeled in our stories and then reinforced through great activities! 

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Take a look at the high-interest language arts content Scholastic Scope has in store for next year.

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With your order of 10 or more subscriptions, you get complete access to Scope Online, where you'll find our incredibly rich support material: 



A convenient PDF version of each article allows you to project the magazine as you teach or have students read along on a tablet or computer.


Close Reading Activities 

Designed for whole-class or small-group discussion, close reading questions send students back into the text to achieve a deeper understanding. 



Modeled after Common Core and state assessments, our printable and interactive quizzes challenge your students to read closely and analyze Scope's texts. Three to four of these superb test prep tools are provided with each issue! 


Skill-Building Activities

Each issue comes with a range of carefully crafted skills sheets including skills sheets on vocabulary, grammar, revision, author's craft, text evidence. Print them or complete them on your interactive whitebord, tablet, or computer.  


Guided Essay Writing

Customized for each debate question, these activities make the persuasive writing process clear and manageable for all students. They'll learn about finding the main idea/concept, thesis writing, organization, and revision. We also provide model texts.


Audio and Differentiation

Support diverse learning styles and proficiency levels with audio versions of major stories as well as higher and lower versions of performance tasks and activity sheets. 



Our wonderful original videos captivate students, set a purpose for reading, highlight key skills, and require students to engage with them as "texts." 




The mission of Scope is to provide engaging, high-quality content your students will love, while helping you meet your most pressing ELA objectives. Throughout the year, your students will master a wide range of key ELA skills. Check out our Skills Development Flyer for a sample of the specific reading, writing, language, and speaking/listening skills we cover in Scope

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Across the nation, most states have adopted the Common Core State Standards. So chances are, you’re trying to figure out what this all means for you. How will your curriculum change? What will the new tests look like? And how will your teaching tools align? As a Scope subscriber, you will get all the support you need in this time of change, including clear tips on how you can use Scope to support the rigorous demands of the new standards.

Scope Common Core Highlights

10 Things to Know About the Common Core Standards

Scope and The Common Core: A Perfect Match

Text Complexity Interactive PDF


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