Scholastic News Science Readers™

Scholastic News Science Readers

Grades 1–2


Price per student: $2.95*


Scholastic News Science Readers Build Scientific Knowledge and Reading Skills with Extraordinary Nonfiction

Titles available:

Plants - Grade 1


Animals - Grade 1

Plants - Grade 2


Animals - Grade 2

Each Scholastic News Science Reader brings your class:

  • 32 pages of engaging, on-level nonfiction that covers the plant or animal science topics you need to teach!

  • Grade-specific texts and activities with unique editions for Grade 1 and Grade 2. 

  • Thrilling, colorful photos that immerse students in your life-science units!

  • Learning activities for each article that build 10 crucial reading skills, such as main idea, comprehension, and nonfiction text features.

  • Diagrams that support the text and explain important concepts like life cycles and parts of an organism 

  • NGSS, NSES, and reading standards support

* Minimum order of 10 copies per edition. For orders of fewer than 10, books are $9.95 each.

Grade 1 Plants Articles Include:

  • Parts of Plants (Plant Form and Function)

  • Ready, Set, Grow! (Plant Needs)

  • Hungry Plants (Plant Adaptations)

  • Plants of the Desert (Plant Adaptations)

  • Life in a Rainforest Tree (Plants as Habitats)

  • What Will Grow? (Plant Life Cycles)

  • Chocolate Comes from Trees! (Plants as Resources)

Grade 2 Plants Articles Include:

  • Tree-mendous Trees (Plant Form and Function)

  • Ready, Set, Grow! (Plant Needs)

  • Extreme Plants (Plant Adaptations

  • It’s Flower Time! (Plant Life Cycles)

  • Life of a Leaf (Plants Through the Seasons)

  • What’s in a Rainforest Tree? (Plants as Habitats)

  • What If Chocolate Grew on Trees? (Plants as Resources)

Grade 1 Animals Articles Include:

  • Animals on the Move (Animal Migration)

  • 2, 4, 6, 8 Dolphin Teams Cooperate! (Animal Cooperation)

  • Are You Looking at Me? (Animal Body)

  • Slurp! (Animal Form and Function)

  • Treetop Traveler (Animal Adaptations)

  • One Big Bird (Animal Habitats/Life Cycles)

  • Moving Day! (Animal Adaptations)

Grade 2 Animals Articles Include:

  • Alien or Insect? (Animal Body)

  • Life in the Sand and Sea (Animal Life Cycle)

  • Beware of This Fish! (Invasive Species)

  • Too Dry for a Toad? (Animal Adaptations)

  • Snowballs or Bunnies? (Animal Adaptations)

  • Keeping Up With Bear Cubs (Animals and Scientists)

  • One Big Bird (Animals and Habitats/Life Cycles)

Scholastic News Science Readers help you meet NSES, NGSS, as well as rigorous ELA standards. Download these PDFs to get a detailed look at the standards met and skills covered by each Scholastic News Science Reader.  

Grade 1 Plants Skills and Standards Grade 2 Plants Skills and Standards Grade 1 Animals Skills and Standards Grade 2 Animals Skills and Standards


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