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Subscriptions include complete access to Scholastic News Online.
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Get your second graders excited to learn with new nonfiction all school year long!

Take a look at Scholastic News:

  • Exciting on-level nonfiction introduces students to seasonal science and social studies topics they need to know about! 

  • Core Skills Tool Kits combine videos, games, and skills sheets to build one core reading skill with each issue.

  • Informational texts grow in complexity as the year progresses and your students become more proficient readers.

  • Scholastic News Online brings your class digital editions, engaging videos, and printable skills sheets. 

  • Printed Teacher's Guides save you prep time with 3-Step Lesson Plans and reproducible skills sheets for every issue!

  • Support materials include 3 BIG Issues at the beginning of the year, seasonal Easy Easel Posters, and in-depth Teacher's Guides.

  • Add Science Spin to your subscription for just 99 cents per student!


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Take a look at the high-interest cross-curricular content Scholastic News Edition 2 has in store for this school year. 

Scholastic News Edition 2 Calendar

Subscriptions of 10 or more copies include complete access to Scholastic News Online, featuring:


Digital Editions

Read any issue on your interactive whiteboard, projector, or classroom computer.  



Engage your students with exciting videos that build background knowledge!


Text-to-Speech Audio 

The Text-to-Speech feature reads specific sections or the entire issue aloud. Perfect for auditory learners and emergent readers!  


Differentiated Reading

Every issue is available at an alternate lower reading level.


Words to Know

Preview vocabulary words with pop-ups featuring child-friendly definitions, illustrations, and audio pronunciations. 



Skills Games

Play fun learning games that build reading skills like identifying main idea and details. 


Spanish Translations

Great for ELL/ESL teachers, each issue, video, and skills sheet is available in Spanish.   


Take an in-depth look at the many ways Scholastic News Edition 2 meets the Common Core State Standards.

Scholastic News Edition 2 Common Core Highlights

Scholastic Classroom Magazines help students practice their reading and analytical skills as well as address issues which are relevant to both their academic and personal lives. Perhaps equally as important, magazines are great for motivating students to want to learn! Our downloadable Skills Development Flyer describes the specific literacy and content area skills addressed in Scholastic News Edition 2.

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