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Scholastic Action<sup>®</sup>

Scholastic Action®

Grades 6–12
(reading level 3–5)

Reading Intervention
10 Issues

Price per student: $8.50

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Subscribers receive exclusive access to Scholastic Action's complete online resources. Learn more


Your struggling readers WILL achieve language arts success!

Take a closer look at Action's research-based reading intervention resources:


  • Thrilling nonfiction articles engage and inspire struggling readers with accessible texts specifically designed to build the same key language arts skills on-level students must master. 

  • Differentiate instruction with nonfiction articles from every issue available at three different Lexile® levels online, along with Text-to-Talk audio that highlights each word on screen as it is read aloud.  

  • Scaffolding tools throughout each issue include comprehension questions, vocabulary definitions, and graphic organizers, as well as audio and video online.  

  • In-depth skill-building activities accompany each article and teach skills such as finding text evidence, persuasive writing, test prep, and much more! 

  • Teacher's Guides feature comprehensive Common Core Lesson Plan Packages including step-by-step lesson plans, themed multimedia resources online, and reproducibles for assessment. 

  • Action Online helps you support diverse learning styles with text-to-talk read alouds, themed videos, audio pronunciations, bonus printable skills pages, and interactive activities perfect your computer, whiteboard, or iPad®

  • Accessible science and social studies texts expose students to domain-specific vocabulary and nonfiction topics they may encounter in other classes. 


Take a look at the high-interest reading intervention content Scholastic Action has in store for next year.

Scholastic Action

Subscriber access to Action Online includes: 

Digital Editions

Every issue is available in a convenient digital format that works on any interactive whiteboard, tablet, or computer.

Differentiated Nonfiction

Digital versions of Action’s major articles are available at three different Lexile® levels to help you tailor instruction to the needs of each student.


Engage auditory learners and model fluency in reading with our Text-to-Talk audio read-aloud function.


Brief illustrative videos encourage and inspire reluctant readers. 


Bonus Printables and Quizzes

10 or more skills sheets per issue help you reinforce core language arts concepts and easily assess reading comprehension. 

Interactive Common Core Games

These interactive games are a fun way to teach and reinforce analytical language arts concepts like finding text evidence, context clues, central idea and details, and many more!

Issue Archive

You’ll have access to the current school year’s digital issues and resources.

Scholastic Classroom Magazines help students practice their reading and analytical skills as well as address issues which are relevant to both their academic and personal lives. Perhaps equally as important, magazines are great for motivating students to want to learn! Our downloadable Skills Development Flyer describes the specific literacy and content area skills addressed in Scholastic Action.

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Scholastic Classroom Magazines help teachers make the transition to the new Common Core Standards. Take an in-depth look at how Scholastic Action meets this new state initiative.

Scholastic Action Common Core Highlights

Take a look at how Scholastic Action helps you meet Common Core Standards.

10 Ways Scholastic Action Helps You Meet Common Core Standards


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