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Must-Know Math Workbooks

Must-Know Math Workbooks

Grades 1–6


Price per student: $1.99*


Must-Know Math workbooks provide engaging, curriculum-based math practice activities to reinforce essential concepts and skills.

Titles available:

Must–Know Math: 1st Grade

Must–Know Math: 6th Grade

Must–Know Math: 2nd Grade

Must–Know Math: Addition and Subtraction

Must–Know Math: 3rd Grade

Must–Know Math: Fractions

Must–Know Math: 4th Grade

Must–Know Math: Multiplication and Division

Must–Know Math: 5th Grade

Must–Know Math: Problem Solving

Each Must-Know Math workbook includes:

  • 30 Pages of math activities designed to support key areas of the elementary math curriculum.

  • Motivating formats, including puzzles, riddles, mazes, and games.

  • Exercises to support Common Core and NCTM Standards.

  • Bonus printable skills sheets online.

  • Humorous and fun storylines to motivate students to solve follow-up word problems.

* Minimum order of 10 copies per edition. For orders of less than 10, books are $4.95 each.


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