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Map Skills For Today Workbooks

Map Skills for Today

Grades 1–6


Price per student: $4.95


Map Skills for Today workbooks are the most effective and engaging way to teach map-reading skills

Available in these Grade-Level Editions:

  • Finding Your Way-Grade 1

  • Take a Trip with Us-Grade 2

  • Maps Across America-Grade 3

  • Traveling Near and Far-Grade 4

  • The Americas in Focus-Grade 5

  • All Around the World-Grade 6

Each Map Skills for Today Workbook includes:

  • 48 pages of geography activities that help students master critical map-reading skills from finding their way around town to identifying countries around the world
  • Colorful, up-to-date maps, including a wide variety of physical and political maps
  • Map analysis and critical thinking questions that require students to draw conclusions from each map

See sample pages:


Grade 1


Grade 2


Grade 3


Grade 4


Grade 5


Grade 6



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