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Let's Find Out<sup>®</sup>

Let's Find Out®

Grade K

Early Learning
32 Issues

Price per student: $5.25

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Build early reading skills with nonfiction just for kindergarteners 

Take a closer look at Let's Find Out:

  • High-quality nonfiction introduces seasonal science, social studies, and social development topics.

  • Pencil & paper activities give students practice with key skills like graphing, addition, and phonics. 

  • Teach reading fundamentals with simple, predictable informational texts that introduce students to concepts of print, sight words, and phonics. 

  • Skill-building features include vocabulary words, movement activities, and critical-thinking questions. 

  • Printed Teacher's Guides accompany each set of issues and come with Common Core lesson plans, poems, critical-thinking questions, and more. 

  • 24 Big Issues and 16 Explore-More Posters make Let's Find Out easy to share with all of your little learners. 

  • Let's Find Out Online includes digital editions, videos, bonus printables, games, and much more.  

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Take a look at the high-interest early learning content Let’s Find Out has in store for next year.

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With your order of 10 or more subscriptions, you get complete access to Let’s Find Out’s comprehensive digital resources:

Digital Editions

Every issue is available in a convenient digital format that's perfect for your interactive whiteboard or classroom computer. 

Printable Skills Sheets 

From subtraction to sight words, over 64 skills sheets throughout the year help you build the critical skills kindergarteners need to know. 


Watch & Learn Videos

Build excitement and bring thematic units to life with videos for every issue. 

Read-Aloud Issues

Support reading instruction with our Text-to-Talk feature, which highlights words, phrases, and passages as they are read aloud.


Play & Learn Games

Games give students fun, interactive practice with sorting, spelling, and other essential academic skills. 


Digital Archive

Just in case you missed something, or want to review an important subject with your students, you’ll have complete access to the past year of digital issues, downloadable Teacher’s Guides, and reproducibles.

Spanish Translation

Complete Spanish translations of the magazine, printables, games, and videos help you accomodate Spanish-speaking ELL students. 


Scholastic Classroom Magazines help students practice their reading and analytical skills as well as address issues which are relevant to both their academic and personal lives. Perhaps equally as important, magazines are great for motivating students to want to learn! Our downloadable Skills Development Flyer describes the specific literacy and content area skills addressed in Let's Find Out.

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At Let's Find Out, we are focused on young children. That’s why we provide Common Core practice without pressure and always make sure the learning is fun, active, and developmentally appropriate—just like it is in your classroom.

Let's Find Out Common Core Highlights


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