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Grades 7–12

Life Skills
8 Issues

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Give your students the award-winning health and life skills resource for teens.

See how Choices can transform your health, FACS, or ELA classroom: 

  • Practical health advice covers everything from personal hygiene to the hearing loss epidemic in teenagers. 

  • Anti-bullying articles tackle tough topics like hazing and dating violence while inspiring students to create a more caring and tolerant school environment.

  • Shocking substance abuse stories cover alcohol poisoning, prescription drug abuse, and other dangerous behaviors.   

  • Build life skills from goal setting and time management to handling peer pressure and getting a job.

  • Nutrition features help teens make smart food choices, read food labels, prepare healthy meals, and avoid junk foods. 

  • Meet rigorous academic standards with complex texts that are relevant to your students and feature high Lexile® levels, nonlinear structures, and domain-specific vocabulary.

  • Teacher's Guides help you save valuable class prep time with detailed lesson plans, critical-thinking questions, teaching goals, and more.

  • Choices Online includes high-quality videos, printable skills sheets, vocabulary quizzes, and more for your interactive whiteboard and classroom computer.

  • NEW Student iPad® App puts the most popular features of Choices Online right at your students' fingertips.

Try Choices in your classroom FREE for 30 days.

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Take a look at the high-interest family and consumer sciences content Choices has in store for next year.

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With your order of 10 or more subscriptions, you get complete access to Choices’ comprehensive digital resources:


Digital Editions

Every issue is available in a convenient digital format that's perfect for your interactive whiteboard or classroom computer. 



Choices videos expand on the articles with practical advice, inspiring interviews, and thought-provoking PSAs. 



Print or project these review exercises and skills-based worksheets, including critical-thinking writing prompts, comprehension quizzes, project ideas, and so much more.



20 or more vocabulary words per issue are defined in our handy online glossary built right into the digital edition.

Web Links

Go beyond the magazine with vetted, age-appropriate links to other trusted and helpful websites. 

Teaching Objectives

Know exactly what each article will teach your students with the helpful teaching objectives page for every issue. 


NEW Student iPad® App

Now students can read every issue from the school year and watch our amazing health videos right on their iPads.



Scholastic Classroom Magazines help students practice their reading and analytical skills as well as address issues which are relevant to both their academic and personal lives. Perhaps equally as important, magazines are great for motivating students to want to learn! Our downloadable Skills Development Flyer describes the specific literacy and content area skills addressed in Choices.

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Top 10 Ways Choices helps you meet the Common Core Standards



Take an in-depth look at how Choices helps teachers meet the Common Core State Standards.

Choices Common Core Highlights-Grade 7-8

Choices Common Core Highlights-Grade 9-12



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