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Choices<sup>®</sup> Books

Choices® Books

Grades 7–12

Life Skills

Price per student: $5.95*


Choices Books cover hard-hitting topics with inspiring true teen stories.

Titles available:

Your Space
True Confessions
Out of Control
Smart Money
Beating Depression
Facing Competition
Bouncing Back
Surviving Divorce
I Did It Without Thinking
Totally Tolerant
The Skin You’re In

Each Choices Book includes:

  • 100 in-depth pages that cover the choices teens face and the consequences of their actions

  • Research and Statistics that provide eye-opening context and background information

  • Skill-building activities to reinforce the essential life lessons found in each Choices Book

  • Expert Advice to give teens tips on how to cope with tough situations, deal with others, and make smart choices

  • A wide range of perspectives on an issue linked to your Family and Consumer Sciences curriculum

*Price for orders of 4 or more copies of any combination of titles. Books are $7.95 each for orders of fewer than 4.


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