Seasonal science and social studies magazines just for early learners
My Big World

My Big World™ with Clifford
$4.99 $2.99 / 10 issues

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Fun nonfiction and colorful, real-world photos introduce your little learners to important seasonal and social development themes like weather, fire safety, manners, and many more. My Big World has been expertly crafted to help you develop language, movement, and social development skills in young children. Subscribers also receive helpful teaching support with BIG Books, Teacher’s Guides, and access to Online Resources.

Let's Find Out

Let’s Find Out®
$5.25 $3.15 / 20 issues

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Let’s Find Out is a colorful early learning magazine that covers the top social studies and science topics taught in today’s early childhood classrooms. From pumpkins and fire safety in the fall to Earth Day and life cycles in spring, your students will be a step ahead with simple but rich nonfiction that complements your thematic units. Subscriptions include BIG issues for group learning, teaching posters, and whiteboard-ready online resources.

Scholastic News Grade 1

Scholastic News® Grade 1
$4.95 $2.95 / 20 issues
Grade 1

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Scholastic News is our exciting grade 1 magazine. Every week you and your first graders will have colorful new nonfiction on the science and social studies topics you need to teach, as well as today’s most important news stories. Best of all, Scholastic News is simple to use. With ready-to-go lesson plans, whiteboard-ready online content, and standards alignments, it’s never been easier to bring something special into your lessons each week.

Scholastic News Grade 2

Scholastic News® Grade 2
$4.95 $2.95 / 20 issues
Grade 2

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Scholastic News is the exciting nonfiction classroom magazine written just for second graders. Every colorful issue focuses on the science and social studies topics you need to teach, as well as today’s most important news stories. It’s easy to use in your class because it aligns to academic standards, features time-saving lesson plans, and comes complete with  whiteboard-ready online resources.