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Storytime Spin Grades K-1

Storytime Spin

Grades K–1

Language Arts

Price per student


Storytime Spin is the exciting fiction magazine for Scholastic News and Let’s Find Out subscribers. Each issue features an engaging story that pairs perfectly with your nonfiction magazine. Best of all, it costs just 99 cents a student!

My Big World<sup>™</sup>

My Big World


Early Learning

Price per student


Get your early learners school-ready with My Big World, the delightful nonfiction magazine made just for them. Each issue introduces kids to their world with colorful photos and simple nonfiction on seasonal themes. Learning activities and online resources also help you build the language, movement, and social development skills your students need to succeed in kindergarten. Pre-K, Biweekly.

Let's Find Out<sup>®</sup>

Let's Find Out®

Grade K

Early Learning

Price per student


Get students excited about reading and learning with simple, fun nonfiction that brings your seasonal themes to life! Every issue expands knowledge with curriculum-connected topics and builds reading skills with activities on concepts of print, sight words, phonics, and more! Subscriptions include BIG Issues, posters, and online resources like videos, games, and Text-to-Speech audio. Kindergarten, Weekly.

Let's Find Out<sup>™</sup> My Rebus Readers

Let's Find Out My Rebus Readers


Early Learning

Price per set


This adorable book set introduces your little learners to nonfiction reading with rebus picture support, repeated high-frequency words, and consistent print placement. With 6 copies of each exciting book, the Let's Find Out My Rebus Reader boxed set is perfect for small-group learning. Titles cover high-interest science and social studies topics, and range in Guided Reading Level from B to F.

Let's Find Out<sup>™</sup> My Rebus Readers (Single Copy Set)

Let's Find Out My Rebus Readers (Single Copy Set)


Early Learning

Price per set


Build your classroom library with 24 delightful titles from the creators of Let's Find Out magazine. Each one features vibrant color photos and simple nonfiction texts that build the confidence of your early readers.

Scholastic News Nonfiction Readers <sup>®</sup>

Scholastic News Nonfiction Readers

Grades 1–2


Price per set


Get students in grades 1–2 excited about reading with Scholastic News Nonfiction Readers–colorful paperback book collections that cover a range of exciting science and social studies topics.