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My Big World<sup>™</sup>

My Big World


Early Learning

Price per student


Fun nonfiction and colorful, real-world photos introduce your little learners to important seasonal and social development themes like weather, fire safety, manners, and many more. My Big World has been expertly crafted to help you develop language, movement, and social development skills in young children. Subscribers also receive helpful teaching support with BIG Books, Teacher’s Guides, and FREE Online Resources. Pre-K, Biweekly.

Let's Find Out<sup>®</sup>

Let's Find Out®

Grade K

Early Learning

Price per student


Let’s Find Out is a developmentally appropriate teaching supplement designed to introduce and reinforce core early-learning concepts. Every issue features simple, predictable nonfiction, pencil-friendly activities, and lesson plans that will help you meet your curriculum goals as well as state standards. Online, you’ll discover even more dynamic learning tools, including videos, printable skills sheets, a Text-to-Talk read-aloud feature, games, and so much more. Kindergarten, Weekly.

Scholastic News<sup>®</sup> Grade 1

Scholastic News®

Grade 1

Current Events

Price per student


Every week Scholastic News brings teachers and students high-quality nonfiction on fascinating seasonal science and social studies themes. This engaging first-grade magazine has been specifically designed to help educators meet standards with lesson plans, clear standards connections, and texts that increase in complexity as the year progresses. Includes access to Scholastic News Online, including videos, printables, and Spanish translations. Grade 1, Weekly.

Scholastic News<sup>®</sup> Grade 2

Scholastic News®

Grade 2

Current Events

Price per student


Filled with high-quality nonfiction and amazing photographs, Scholastic News introduces your second graders to essential science and social studies concepts. Designed to meet today's academic standards, each informational texts comes with lesson plans, skills sheets, and online resources like videos, Text-to-Speech audio, and Spanish translations. Grade 2, Weekly.

Let's Find Out: My Rebus Readers

Let's Find Out®: My Rebus Readers


Early Learning

Price per set


This adorable book set introduces your little learners to nonfiction reading with rebus picture support, repeated high-frequency words, and consistent print placement. With 6 copies of each exciting book, the Let's Find Out Rebus Reader boxed set is perfect for small group learning. Titles cover high-interest science and social studies topics, and range in Guided Reading Level from B to F.

Scholastic News Nonfiction Readers <sup>®</sup>

Scholastic News Nonfiction Readers

Grades 1–2


Price per set


Get students in grades 1–2 excited about reading with Scholastic News Nonfiction Readers–colorful paperback book collections that cover a range of exciting science and social studies topics.