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Scholastic News<sup>®</sup> Grade 2

Scholastic News®

Grade 2

Current Events

Price per student


Filled with high-quality nonfiction and amazing photographs, Scholastic News introduces your second graders to essential science and social studies concepts. Meticulously designed to meet Common Core Standards, this print and online teaching supplement comes with lesson plans, skills pages, and informational texts that work together to help you develop proficiency in key areas of the Common Core. Grade 2, Weekly.

Science Spin<sup>®</sup> Grade 2

Science Spin®

Grade 2


Price per student


Science Spin for Grade 2 is ONLY AVAILABLE AS AN ADD-ON to Scholastic News Grade 2 subscriptions. Each month this supplementary magazine brings colorful, real-world science and the latest science news into your class.

Scholastic News Science Readers™

Scholastic News Science Readers

Grades 1–2


Price per book


Teach your unit on plants or animals with these exciting nonfiction readers created by Scholastic News magazine. Each 32-page skills book features seven highly engaging articles on plant or animal science and activities designed to build essential reading skills. Available for grades 1 and 2.

Scholastic News Nonfiction Readers <sup>®</sup>

Scholastic News Nonfiction Readers

Grades 1–2


Price per set


Get students in grades 1–2 excited about reading with Scholastic News Nonfiction Readers–colorful paperback book collections that cover a range of exciting science and social studies topics.

100 Words Kids Need to Read

100 Words Kids Need To Read

Grades 1–3

Language Arts

Price per book


100 Words Kids Need to Read grade-specific student workbooks give children the sight-word practice they need to build reading fluency.

Must-Know Math® Workbooks

Must-Know Math Workbooks

Grades 1–6


Price per book


Must-Know Math workbooks are packed with high-interest activities that help students master key math concepts for grades 1–6.

Map Skills For Today<sup>®</sup> Workbooks

Map Skills for Today

Grades 1–6


Price per book


These practice books introduce students to a wide variety of maps and geography terms. 48 pages of up-to-date maps and map analysis activities make Map Skills for Today the most fun and engaging way to build critical geography skills and introduce students to the world.